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Murickens group an ISO certified company introduces two trade brand name MG and Flyline products with the aim of power saving, maintains free, competitive price and to save power of state by introducing/promoting solar based home appliances and lights. Commonly we use Offline and Online UPS and now a days peoples are thinking about solar ups. Murickens are very popular in kerala real estate market. We help peoples to buy and sell their properties.


Muricken's Flyline dual power system is a generator or an emergency power house for homes, hospitals, small scale business units to use as inverter as well as UPS. It is a pure sine wave dual system with all advanced features. It has a circuit for converting direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

We developed sine wave inverters keeping in mind the customers' need of saving power. Today, we can not live with out a computer so the people are compelled to buy an inverter to light their home and keep their computer working. In the market different makes of UPS are available, but they may shutdown any time when work is going on, thus, loosing the data fed in. In this manner we not only lose the data but also our valuable time already spent on the work and further waiting for the electric supply to resume, which could extend hours together. Secondly, its low cost is a temporary adjustment in our finance and we can rely on this system. The battery last for a year or two, after which the only recurring expense will be that of the battery, once in a year or two.
Main common features is, it has two modes, one is the Inverter mode and the other is the UPS mode. In both modes the output is Sine Wave alternating current. When it is on UPS mode it needs a minimum of 180V Input for the battery to charge. This mode is most suitable for connecting computer. When it is on Inverter mode there is no restriction in Input Voltage and can be connected to house hold appliances depending on its inverter capacity.


►Pure sine wave system can use as ups for computer as well as inverter for lighting a house.► UPS and Inverter mode selection switch. ► Maintenance Free. ► Attractive Designs. ► Low Power Consumption. ► No load charging system. ► It provides low power consumption (bypass circuit). ► Single Switch Operation. ► Fully automatic. ►DSP based very low component cost design. ► Single sided PCB, easy to assemble without any SMD components. ► Auto resetting. ► Protection from lightening, High/Low Voltage Trip. ► Over Load Protection. ► Over Charge and Deep Discharge cut off. ► Independent Digital display for charging voltage, main voltage, inverter voltage, load etc. ► Audio and Visual Indicators.► Can connect to the existing wiring. ► Bridge type center aligned switching MOSFET based topology. ► Settable SMPS intelligent charging system. ► No husking sound


Sl-No Parameter Single Phase Unit
  Use UPS as well as Inverter
1 Rating 650 VA to 6 KVA
2 Input Voltage Range a) 180V-270V
3 Nominal Output Voltage 230V
4 Output Frequency 50 Hz: ± 1%
5 Input Frequency 45-55 Hz
6 Power Factory -0.8 lagging to unity
7 Efficiency 95%
8 Control Digital/Analogue
9 Winding Copper wind
10 Wave form Pure sine wave
11 Mounting Free
12 Compact in size, Can work on Generators
13 Warranty One Year
14 Noise Low noise <50d
15 Battery 12, 24 or 48v
16 Heat above 50 degree

Available in the range:650VA, 1000VA, 1300VA, 2000VA, 3500VA and 4000VA, 5000 VA and 6000 VA.

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