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Murickens group an ISO certified company introduces two trade brand name MG and Flyline products with the aim of power saving, maintains free, competitive price and to save power of state by introducing/promoting solar based home appliances and lights. Commonly we use Offline and Online UPS and now a days peoples are thinking about solar ups. Murickens are very popular in kerala real estate market. We help peoples to buy and sell their properties.


Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) is used the places where the majority of power related problems like low voltage, high voltage, voltage fluctuations etc. are a routine process. The non reliable/distorted mains supply carries surges volt, spikes, line noises, voltage fluctuations etc. As a result of which there is always a possibility of our sensitive equipments and machines getting damaged. Flyline on-line, Off-line and solar UPS will solve the problem successfully.
Offline UPS is specially designed for sensitive electronic systems with latest power conversion techniques. Its out put is quasi square wave and based on PWM-MOSFET technology. It’s in-built single transformer arrangements permits lowest change over time, greater system efficiency, high reliability and low power consumption. Flyline UPS plays a dual role of charging the batteries when mains supply is present as well as regulating the output voltage and working as a normal inverter in absence of main supply. It protects corruption of valuable data, interruption in web access, component failure, errors and shutdown of computers, drive and system crashes or any other damage due to power problems.


► Fully automatic. ► Low power consumptions. ► High voltage protection. ► Automatic voltage regulation. ► Cold start facility. ► Super fast changeover (less than 5 mille seconds). ► Low battery warning.► Single sided advanced PCB with very low component design. ► Intermittent audio indication while UPS is working. ► Intelligent Charging System for long battery life. ► Maintenance free. ► Compact in size and attractive in design. ► Built-in type and external battery models with different back-up times. ► MOSFET topology ( metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor ).


Offline UPS Model UPS-500 UPS-1000 UPS-1500 UPS-2000 UPS-3000
Power 750VA 1000VA 1300VA 2000VA 3000VA
Input voltage 12 V 12V 24V 24V 48V
Output voltage 185V - 240V 190V - 240V 190V -240V 195V-240V 200V-240V
No load loss 1.50%
Output frequency 50 - 60Hz
Output wave Modified Sine Wave
Efficiency 95% 95% 95% 95% 95%
Battery Depending up on backup time we need
Change-over time Less than 5 mille seconds

Application:- Personal Computers, Modem, Fax Machines, Controllers, Security, Tele-communication
Available in the DLX Range of 500VA , 750VA, 1000VA, 1300VA to 5 KVA. Custom made offline ups systems are available on demand.

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