Murickens group an ISO certified company introduces two trade brand names, "MG" and "Flyline",  the products of which are maintenance free , cost effective and power saving to cater to the needs of the state by introducing and promoting solar based home appliances and lights. Eventhough the usual practice is to use the Offline and Online UPS we are now forced to switch over to the solar based items in accordance with the tastes and thoughts of the consumers. Murickens are very popular in kerala real estate market. and  We help people to buy and sell their properties.  
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"Murickens Group" the number one  Manufacturer & Dealer of  UPS in Kerala with ISO  standards  have thousands of satisfied customers all over the world and we  develop and market every product with the aim of power saving  In the uninterrupted power supply felid we have four types of  UPS  like  Flyline - Off-line UPS, Dual UPS, Solar UPS and On-line UPS. We have two types of registered Brand names "MG" & "FLYLINE"

Flyline Offline UPS :
Is specially designed for sensitive Electronic Systems and is an Economical Data Saver with latest power conversion techniques. It’s output is Quasi–Square wave  based on PWM Technology with high efficiency and power saving in accordance with  the market requirements < more details >

Flyline Dual UPS :
We developed a dual system UPS + Inverter for the domestic  purposes which  can be used for lighting the house as well as working your home computer and hand book < more details >

Flyline Solar UPS :
A solar cell generates electrical  energy from sunlight by converting light energy into electrical energy.  Solar cells made from thin slices of crystalline silicon, gallium arsenide or other semiconductor materials convert solar radiation directly into electricity, with the help of solar panel, Flyline Solar UPS and battery which  help work the  computer and other electronic equipments  with out any trouble and  it is a specially designed solar system to reduce power consumption and to save  money
< more details>

Flyline On-line UPS :
  This is an advanced IGBT based reliable pure sine wave power system for use in sophisticated equipments. < more details >

Muricken's introduce every product in the  market with the aim of power saving  and  to view our power saver products visit products gallery..

For Quick Enquiry call- 09447366779 or 04829-282040
e- mail :- <enquire now>

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Our other Market Electronic Products are:

Flyline Inverter:
To light and operate your domestic and office equipments from unexpected power failures. < more details >

Flyline Solar Inverter :
Every one thinks about the power problems of tomorrow but  Muricken's have remedied   it today using this  solar system.< more details>

Flyline Sine wave Inverter :
Pure sine wave inverter or UPS  is a modified version of the online system introduced with the aim of reducing investments and to obtain good results. It is an essential inverter for the working of highly sensitive equipments which are  commonly used in laboratories  and hospitals for getting accurate  results.. < more details >

Sine Wave Solar UPS cum Inverter (Three in one system):
Now days as we have to depend upon hydro electric power, thermal power, natural gas power, nuclear power etc to get AC power which are costlier and unreliable due to huge consumption,  we are forced to think of an alternate source like solar power converting system. < more details >

Sine Wave Solar Inverter :
In kerala even though we have enough solar energy we are using and converting only a very small amount  and   FLYlLINE solar sine wave power unit is quite popular in power saving due to the usage of renewable energy resource.  < more details >

Flyline Video Coach Inverters :
For the trouble free working of audio and video systems in all kinds of automobiles. . < more details >

Flyline Street light & DC Play ground light System :
Is the better and cheaper way to work DC electronic equipments where there is no electricity. < more details >

Flyline Step-up Transformers :
It converts lower line voltage to a recommended voltage. < more details >

Flyline Step-down Transformers :
It converts higher line voltage to a recommended low level voltage.< more details >

MG Servo Stabilizers :
Perfectly stable output even under severe conditions of imbalanced Voltage with distortion-free, automatic Voltage controller. more details >

MG Deep Freezers :
It is designed to keep the food frozen well below the required freezing temperature. < more details >

MG Air-conditioners:
Is essential for  modern life  and cares the trouble free working of the electronic equipments. < more details >

MG Mobile Mortuary :
Preserving in tact the  bodies of the departed  for a  number of days  at any required place and it has its  top & sides with acrylic/glass to get a full view of the physical remains.
< more details >

MG Water Coolers :
It cools and purifies the water to make it  taste like the  water from natural sources< more details >

Solar Panel And Function
Photovoltaic cells also known as solar cells  are made of two layers of semiconductor materials. When light enters the cell, electrons are forced to flow between the layers to produce current. < more details >

Solar Water Heaters :
This system makes hot water  using sunlight.< more details >

Flyline Solar Emergency LED Lamps :
This modern technology helps in saving electricity, time and money,by using sunlight.
.< more details >

Flyline Tubular Battery :
It is a modern storage cell for power back up< more details >

We entered in business since 1975." Real Estate Kerala" the first free listing web portal with thousands of property details in different districts of Kerala and other state with the category of house with land, residential land, commercial building with land, Kerala Estate, Kerala flat, resort and hotels, low cost land, immediate sale of land especially in districts like Alapuzha, Ernakulam, Idukki, Kannur, Kollam, Kottayam, Kasargode, Kozhikode, Mallapuram, Palakkad, Pathanamthitha, Thiruvanathapuram, Thrissur, Wayanad and outside  Kerala.

Our Head Office is situated at Kaduthuruthy in Kottayam District. with branches at
 Nattakom (Kottayam), Palarivattom (Ernakulam), Pandalam (Pathanamthitta) and Associated offices in Bombay and USA.

For Quick Enquiry call- 09447366779 or 04829-282040
e- mail :- <enquire now>

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